Construction Industries

Hard work and harsh elements create the need for hard working clothes that are durable, comfortable, and still have a professional appearance.

From perspiration wicking apparel to heavy duty Carhartt garments worn during construction of the Alaska Pipeline, we’ve got you covered!

We know how to pick the right garment for the right job, and we’re up to date on all OSHA regulations if you need flame retardant or safety garments.  Our wide range of specialty garments goes beyond sweatshirts and uniforms to insulated clothing, raingear, or whatever you need.  Of course, everything can be customized with your name and logo.

Finally, we can eliminate the administrative hassles of ordering with the FEZO—Fligel Easy Order System.

Some of the suppliers in the Construction industries are:

"I trust Fligel’s to give me the best quality and value, and they do. I don’t even ask them the price anymore. The quality, service, and value more than meet my expectations."
- VP National Construction Company
Easy Order System
Fully automated online service for managing uniform programs available exclusively from fligel.
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