Advantages of Buying from Fligel:

  1. Save up to 60% over the cost of renting
  2. Enhance your team’s image with a superior look
  3. Softer feeling shirts and pants that everyone appreciates
  4. NO long term contract
  5. NO weekly accounting issues
  6. Improved internal processes that will save you time

Disadvantages of renting:

  1. Extra costs through “hidden charges” on each weekly invoice:
    • Environmental fees and or gas surcharges
    • Set up fees (charges can be $10 - $25 for each new employee)
    • Premium charges for any “used” garments that are lost
  2. Service Issues
    • Garment shortages or wrong items delivered
    • Administrative hassle each week to reconcile the bill 
    • Worn garments are not readily replaced
  3. Service Issues

Would you like a FREE assessment to see if buying clothes is right for you? If so, just Contact Us, and one of our experienced consultants will help you determine which program is right for you. With over 70 years in business, serving a broad range of companies, we know what works best.

"From our Doctors, to our clinical staff, fligel’s developed a program that helps us manage and control our uniform budget."
- VP Specialty Hospital
Easy Order System
Fully automated online service for managing uniform programs available exclusively from fligel.
Buy vs Rent
SAVE Up to 60%
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