Fligel Easy Order System

Constantly ordering uniforms in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors can be a real administrative hassle.  Our proprietary system, Fligel Easy Order System (FEZO), truly “gets you out of the uniform business”.

FEZO is particularly important for companies that provide a uniform allowance for their employees.  Our system is so easy, safe and convenient to use, employees can log on and choose their own uniforms.  We have built in precautions, so that employees are either not allowed to purchase more than their allotment amount or must provide another source of payment for the difference.  There are several vital administration tools built in, providing a supervisor with immediate access to employee lists and ordering reports.  With just a few clicks, both you and your employees can know the current status of their accounts.

If you would like a demonstration of our innovative FEZO, please contact Stuart Fligel.

"We work exclusively upfitting and construction of healthcare facilities. It is imperative our people look professional and are readily identifiable for security reasons. Fligel’s helps us pick a uniform that our clients and our employees both really like."
- VP Healthcare Construction Company
Easy Order System
Fully automated online service for managing uniform programs available exclusively from fligel.
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