1. Why should I choose Fligel Image Apparel?
    With 70 years of experience in all kinds of businesses, we’ve seen it all.  We’re experts in the uniform and apparel requirements of a wide variety of industries.  We understand designing clothing for the human body in particular jobs, and our FEZO—Fligel Easy Order System eliminates your ordering and administrative hassles. We would be happy to refer you to one of our many satisfied customers that will vouch for our unconditional 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and outstanding customer service.
  2. How can I “get out of the uniform business”?
    By letting Fligel put our years of experience across a broad range of industries to work for you.  Also, by using the FEZO—Fligel Easy Order System, we can virtually eliminate ordering and administrative problems from your end.
  3. How much can I save?
    Obviously, the answer to this question is different for each company and depends on a variety of factors.  Viewing some of our clients’ testimonials will give you an idea of the kind of savings some of our clients have realized.  With our consultative approach, experience and the FEZO—Fligel Easy Order System, we’re sure we can make you happy.
  4. Should I buy or rent?
    This depends on many factors, including type of industry, number and type of apparel units, amount of wear and tear uniforms are subjected to, and the conditions under which they are worn.  We’ll look at both possibilities and determine the approach that is best for you and your company.
"We got great pricing when we bid the uniforms. Unfortunately, the service was not there. Fligel’s picked up the pieces which improved the moral of everyone. Their care and service are exemplary. "
- Director of Local Government Agency
Easy Order System
Fully automated online service for managing uniform programs available exclusively from fligel.
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