Healthcare Industries

Patient confidence is of the utmost importance, and a clean, professional, consistent image is vital, whether it is a hospital, medical practice, assisted living center, or other facility.
From the greeter at the front desk to the maintenance staff in the hallways, everyone should look coordinated.  And, we’ll be glad to help you color coordinate different departments.
Our better quality Career Apparel looks great and is easy to care for.  We have unique styles, designed by women to properly fit women of all sizes.

We can also eliminate the administrative hassles of ordering with the FEZO—Fligel Easy Order System.  Call us for more information on our items and programs for the healthcare industry.
Some of our suppliers in the Healthcare field are:

"We work exclusively upfitting and construction of healthcare facilities. It is imperative our people look professional and are readily identifiable for security reasons. Fligel’s helps us pick a uniform that our clients and our employees both really like."
- VP Healthcare Construction Company
Easy Order System
Fully automated online service for managing uniform programs available exclusively from fligel.
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